More than a century’s journey through history and time…

The people of the historic cafés, as well as the places themselves,have countless stories to tell, stories that have been depicted in murals, events, publications but also in the memories of the visitors. Their narations have ensured that the journey of the historic cafés of Europe, has stayed unaltered through time, enriched by their own experiences and sentiments.

Vasilis Stathakis

Founder & President of the European Historic Cafés Association

European Historic Cafés Association

The historic cafés of Europe represent important venues of the cities they are establihed in for more than a hundred years. Through time they have hosted cultural events and served distinguished personalities of art, literature and politics. These personalities have left their own personal mark in the history of these spaces.
As beloved meeting points for writers, poets, politicians, intellectuals, but also for people of any social status, these cafés are the keepers of countless stories that took place there, stories that are considered priceless cultural riches of knowledge and experience.
One of these places is the historic café “Kipos”, that operates consistently since 1870 in the Municipal Garden of Chania, Crete. It is a venue of hostric, cultural and social importance for the city.
After a journey to the most known historic cafés in Europe, the establishment of the European Historic Cafés Association finally became reality on April 8th 2014 in Chania, Crete.
The Association aims to become a bridge of cultural communication between the historic cafés, ensuring the survival and the spreading of their rare cultural heritage and history.

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