The European Historic Cafés Association, a non-profit Association, referred for the sake of brevity as “EHCA”, is based on the need to encourage, protect and preserve the cultural, architectural and artistic heritage or the Historic Cafés, in national and European level.

Aiming at a better communication and establishing a business network between its members, the Association is to promote the history, culture, products and tourist interest, so as to create the desire to all friends of gastronomy and coffee around the world, to visit the city where each of its members is located.

Through events with prestige, the Association will have many to offer, not only to its members but also to the place in which a café-member is situated and hosts one of the events.


It pursues the promotion and safeguards the cultural heritage, with respect to differentiations of each Country’s culture has been evolved, along with the revival and development of the historic Café culture.
The main objectives of the association are:

  • To create the European Route of Historic Cafés Association, approved by the Council of Europe. This Route will link the cultural and historic heritage of the Cafés.
  • To establish a strong cooperative network between the Cafés, encouraging the exchange of experience among the Association’s members.
  • To enhance and protect the architectural, cultural and artistic heritage in close collaboration with local authorities and governmental bodies along with their integration within the development policies of each Café‘s home city. This will be an experience that each Café will share in European level.
  • To promote the Association’s objectives in close cooperation between European institutions and European support programs. To encourage the development of research, with analysis, studies and statistics within the Café sector, the local historic, artistic and cultural heritage.
  • To promote the exchange of experiences and good practices between its members.
  •  To promote a new development strategy within the historic Cafés sector, taking under consideration the possibilities that concern culture and the promotion of cultural tourism.
  • To develop a European touristic product, which commercialized, at an international level may generate financial rewards to the EHCA and the home towns of its members.


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