21 Oct Press Release

Subject: Participation of European Historic Cafes Association at the International Conference "European Culture Routes 2017" in Lucca, Italy - First contacts for the establishment of the "Route of the Historic European Cafes " on the initiative of the President of the Association of Historic Cafe Europe, Vasilis Stathakis...

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30 Nov Press release 7th Annual Advisory Forum – Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe in Lucca Italy on 27-29 Sept. 2017

Strasbourg, 25.09.2017 – A Europe rich in history, heritage and values: the Council of Europe Cultural Routes’ programme celebrates its 30th anniversary, on the occasion of the 7th Advisory Forum inPalazzo Ducale and Real Collegio in Lucca (Italy) on 27-29 September, with a special ceremony to highlight the relevance of Cultural Routes for the promotion of cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue...

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