In the section Events, are mentioned briefly the events that have taken place with the support or cooperation of the European Historic Cafés Association and are under it’s auspices.
In the near future the section will be regularly be enriched, with news, events and activities of other members of the Association, historic Cafés of Europe.
More photos and videos of the events that have taken place at the historic Café “Kipos”, you can see on the website, as well as at the official You tube channel in internet.


Joel Lopino’s new book, entitled “To Diamandenio Soma” (The Diamond Body) was presented in the historic café “Kipos”.
The event was co-hosted by “Kastaniotis Editions”, the “Greek- French Association of Chania”, the “European Historic Cafés Association” and the bookstore “Mikro Karavi” (Small ship).

The second official presentation -in Greece- of the books “O kodikas tou diadiktiou” (“The Cyber Code”) and “Ta kleidia tou diadiktiou” (“The Cyber Keys”) by Mr . Manolis Sfakianakis was held at the historic café “Kipos” in Chania on Friday, June 10, 2016.

Tribute to Mikis Theodorakis, with the kind contribution of the European Historic Cafés Association, as part of a series of events which were organized in Chania, the hometown of the emblematic musician and composer.

The event, “Family & Historic Cafes”, took place in “Kipos” cafe on May 1th, 2016 International Family Day.

Sanctification and cutting of the traditional Greek New Year’s Cake of the European Historic Cafes Association for the year 2016.


Musical Night with Mr. Grigoris Valtinos with the friendly participation of Mr. Michalis Aerakis with the title: “Everything I Love will live Forever…”

Sanctification and cutting the traditional Greek New Year’s Cake of the European Historic Cafés Association for the New Year 2015.

Greek Musical Performance- Recital with Mr. Georgios Katsaros

Greek-French Association of Chania – Traditional French New Year’s Cake “La Galette des Rois”

Book Presentation of the Chef Mr. Akis Petritzikis with the title: “You have to taste this”

Worldwide Women Day with show cooking (“Sweet sins … without sugar” from the Chef of Hotelier Mr. Vaggelis Malokos)

Book Presentation of Mr. Stamatis Malelis with the title: “In the shadow of the black sun”

Greek Musical Performance with Mr. Christos Nikolopoulos with the participation of Mr. Vassilis Lekkas and Mrs. Zoi Papadopoulou

Worldwide Poetry Day- tribute to the Poet of Romiosini – Giannis Ritsos with the participation of Mr. Michalis Aerakis, Mrs. Despina Drakaki, Mrs. Barbara Perraki, Mr. Dimitris Tsourtos, Mr. Stavros Psaroudakis and Mr. Tassos Psalidakis

Children’s Musical Performance of Mrs. Maro Theodoraki based on her book “Beautiful city” with the participation of Mrs. Marianna Sfakianaki, Mrs. Stefania Drakou and Mr. Georgios Tsourounakis

Worldwide Cultural Heritage Day with a tribute to “Chania’s monuments of forgetfulness“. The Presentation of the topic has been attended by Mrs. Zaharenia Simandraki, special cooperator of the General Archives of the Hellenic State and President of the domain of material and intangible cultural heritage of the Intercultural Euro-Mediterranean Centre of UNESCO.

Novel Presentation of Mrs. Alkioni Papadaki with the title: “They swallows will come back again”

Worldwide Book Day “Life with book” with the participation of Mr. Antonis Thimakis – Trainee, Mr. Dimitris Nikolakakis – Historical Researcher, Mrs. Barbara Perraki – Philologist, Mr. Giannis Filis – Rector of the University in Crete and Author and Mrs. Vivi Choudalaki – Head of the Municipal Libraries of the Municipality of Chania.

“The notes and the colors of May” – editing, text, song: Mrs. Zaharenia Samandiraki – President of “Irida” Association of Women Artists in Chania.

Greek National Championship of Monopoly.

Recital of Mr. Linos Kokotos with accompaniment of the Choir of the Municipality of Chania

Book Presentation of Mrs. Rena Rossi- Sairi with the title: “In the Hug of the Sun”.

Book Presentation of Mrs. Vefa Alexiadou with the title: “Vefa cooks Slimmer”.

Artistic and Literary Meeting of Greeks & Polish who cooperate in the magazine “LiryDram”. Presentation by the Poet and Chief of Editor Mrs. Maralena Zynger.

Novel Presentation of Mrs. Rea Galanaki with the title:”The extreme humiliation”.

Novel Presentation of Mrs. Zoel Lopino in cooperation with the Greek French Association of Chania, with the title: “Secret Parfume”.

Book Presentation of Mr. Menios Sakelaropoulos with the title: “The sign”.

Worldwide Children Day: Book Presentation of Mrs. Evdokia Skordala–Kakatsaki with the title: ”The king of Dreams”.

Book Presentation of Mrs. Polichroni Koutsaki with the title: “Baby blue”.



Kostas Hatzis recital

Establishment of the European Historic Cafés Association in Chania of Crete. The historic Café “Kipos” founding member and place of inspiration of the idea of the creation of the Association by its host Mr. Vassilis Stathakis, “hosts” the project discussions and the formal event of the establishment of EHICA. The hospitality of the representatives of the historic Cafés of Europe and the tours to the important sightseeing places of the city, completes the scheduled events.

Book Presentation of Mrs. Lena Manta with the title: “The five keys”

Book Presentation of Mrs. Aggeliki Nikolouli with the title: “Death with red lips”

Book Presentation of Mr. Makis Delaportas with the title: “I know some stars”. Musical tribute of the notable films of the Greek Cinema.

01 – 03.08.14
1η Pancretean Exhibition of Classical Bikes

Worldwide Coffee Day

Worldwide Friendship Day

LURPAK COOKING – Presentation of tasteful proposals from the Chef Mr. Stelios Parliaros and Mr. Alexandros Papandreou

“SIAL PARIS 2014” Worldwide Food & Beverage Exhibition in Paris. The first official participation of the European Historic Cafés Association in an international event, after its establishment in Chania of Crete. Presentation of the Association at the Greek House in the Greek Embassy in Paris.

Recital of Mr. Georgios Chatzinasios


Historical Photography Exhibition Opening at the historic Café “Kipos” with the theme “Municipal Garden of Chania “…A Story…” Photos with timeless cultural value synthesize and present the historical journey of the Municipal Garden of Chania, from it’s creation in 1870 until 2013. The historical photography exhibition is hosted in the interior areas of the historic café “Kipos” and is daily free to visited.

Recital of Mr. Mimis Plessas

Recital of Mr. Giannis Spanos

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