20 Aug Ana Vukadinovic, the Ambassador of Montenegro in Greece visited the Historic Cafe “Kipos” (8.8.2019)

The Ambassador of Montenegro in Greece, Ana Vukadinovic, visited the Historic Cafe “Kipos”, during her staying to Chania.

Mrs. Vukadinovic enjoyed a guided tour at “Kipos” by the  Founder and President of the European Historic Cafes Association (EHICA), Mr. Vasilis Stathakis.

Mrs. Vukadinovic was also briefed on EHICA’s initiatives.  The Ambassador expressed her admiration for preserving the historicity of Cafe “Kipos” and she congratulated Mr. Stathakis for the recent initiatives of EHICA, an Association inspired by the history of Cafe “Kipos”.  Mrs. Vukadinovic promised Vasilis Stathakis that she would search for Historic Cafes in Montenegro, and asked to be informed about all the new initiatives of the Association.

It is worth noting that this is the first visit of the Ambassador to Chania. Mrs. Vukadinovic had meetings with Chania Mayor Tasos Vamvoukas and the newly elected Mayor Panagiotis Simandirakis. Mrs. Vukadinovic had also the opportunity to visit the house-museum of the Greek politician Eleftherios Venizelos.

Ana Vukadinovic, Ambassador of Montenegro in Greece with the Founder and President of European Historic Cafes Association (EHICA) Vasilis Stathakis at the Historic Cafe “Kipos”
From the left:  The Founder and President of European Historic Cafes Association (EHICA) Vasilis Stathakis, Ana Vukadinovic Ambassador of Montenegro in Greece, and George Kouklakis Chania City Councilor, at the Historic Cafe “Kipos”

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