13 Jul Book presentation: “The Cyber Code” and “The Cyber Keys” by Mr . Manolis Sfakianakis


The second official presentation -in Greece- of the books “O kodikas tou diadiktiou” (“The Cyber Code”) and “Ta kleidia tou diadiktiou” (“The Cyber Keys”) by Mr . Manolis Sfakianakis was held at the historic café “Kipos” in Chania on Friday, June 10, 2016.

During the presentation Mr . Manolis Sfakianakis talked about his unique experience in the cyber crime research, in the course of his service at the Hellenic Police from 1995 until today, and about the future of new technologies. The presentation – discussion took place at the historic café “Kipos” on the occasion of the release of the books “O kodikas tou diadiktiou” (“The Cyber Code”) by Emmanouil Sfakianakis and “Ta kleidia tou diadiktiou” (“The Cyber Keys”) by Emmanouil Sfakianakis and John Makripoulias.

The author – Major General of the Hellenic Police and Director of the Cyber Crime Center of the Hellenic Police, Ph.D. candidate at the School of Information & Communication Technologies of the University of Piraeus – urged all the attendees to be active members of the internet without demonizing it, making sure, though, that they are aware of its dangers and traps.

During the event, which was organized by the Publishing House All About Internet and the European Historic Cafés Association Mr. Sfakianakis also announced the prospect of inaugurating an Institute of Cyber-crime Research and Security which will operate throughout the Greek territory.

Mr. Vassilis Stathakis, as host of the Historic Café “Kipos” and President of the European Association of Historic Cafés, addressed a short greeting at the beginning of the event, emphasizing the importance of hosting an event which draws on such a contemporary issue, in an environment whose great historical background brings together the animate and inanimate past, present and future of people and places.

The MEGA TV journalist, Mrs. Eleni Lazarou, was the coordinator of the presentation – discussion, in which the President of the Bar Association of Chania, Mr. John Daskalakis, also participated. Mrs. Lazarou commented: my job is closely related to the internet, you could say that I’m addicted to it. My colleagues consider me a “computer specialist” – they even call me “hacker”. Reading Mr. Sfakianakis’s books I came to realize that what I know is very little. These books are very useful and can be used as a dictionary of the Internet that must exist in every home. ”
Mr. John Daskalakis , President of the Bar Association of Chania, mentioned that “the Bar Association of Chania agreed to co-host the presentation of the books with great pleasure” and that “Mr . Manolis Sfakianakis has done a pioneering work at European level. His work is a guide for anyone who wants information about the Internet and this work is what we intend to promote in our country. We are proud that Mr . Sfakianakis is our compatriot.”

Mrs. Maria Mystakidou, also participated in the discussion and commenting on the journalist and communication contact of the “Museum of Typography” John & Helen Garedakis in Chania,. The journalist mentioned that “by publishing “O Kodikas tou diadiktiou” (“The Cyber Code”), Mr. Manolis Sfakianakis now goes several steps further and informs us about the dangers of the Internet, all the dark sides, the reprehensible behaviors, the violations that someone may attempt to do to your accounts, to your website, etc. It sheds light on the other side: the Internet’s Mr. Hyde, as by becoming aware of it, you, also, learn how to avoid it.”

Influential figures from the intellectual, political and business world of Crete, as well as senior officers of island’s Police and the Armed Forces, also, honored us with their presence at the event – presentation.
KYDON Hotel – The Heart City Hotel, supported the event as a hospitality sponsor and the event was musically accompanied by the group of Mr . George Vogiatzis.

A few things about the books:
The book “O Kodikas tou diadiktiou” (“The Cyber Code”) presents – as simply as possible – Mr. Sfakianakis’s unique experience in the cyber crime research, in the course of his service at the Hellenic Police and the investigation of 10,000 of the most serious cases from 1995 until today, and the future of new technologies. Reading book, at first, one understands the basic concepts of the Internet through the basic rules that govern it, such as: “Features of cyber crime”, “who is the hacker and who the cracker, in what way are they connected and separated?”
The new technologies that have already come or are yet to come in the course of the new century, are also presented in the book. Then, the transformation of traditional crimes into cyber ones is described, through facts and always in conjunction with the criminal law.
The book “Ta kleidia tou diadiktiou” (“The Cyber Keys”) is addressed to the ordinary internet user, who wants to expand his knowledge about everyday internet use, understanding basic concepts and the way the web objects, with which s/he comes into contact during the navigation, operate.
Additionally, it is a very useful tool for those involved professionally with the Internet, either for scientific or educational purposes, as well as all those involved in the judicial process, such as judges, prosecutors, lawyers and police officers, investigative officials in carrying out research and preliminary procedure.
At the core of the book, web terminology is recorded in alphabetical order, so that the reader can search easily and quickly. The last chapter of the book includes six very helpful modules, as supplementary to the terminology, describing, in simple steps, some basic procedures carried out online.

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