26 Mar EHICA at the Council of Europe’s 8th International Forum Cultural Routes in Gorlitz, Germany (26-28 September 2018)

The 8th International Advisory Forum “Cultural Routes” of the Council of Europe was held this year at Gorlitz, Germany (26-28 September).
At the forum (by the title) “The Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe Linking Cultural Values, Cultural Heritage and Citizens: Strategies and Synergies with an International Perspective” has participated the Founder and President of EHICA Mr. Vasilis Stathakis.
The forum was focused this year on people and their potential to promote the “Cultural Routes”.
During the 2019 Forum, Mr Stathakis had the opportunity to meet with representatives of the Council of Europe and has conversations about the forum that will be held in Chania in 2020.
Finally, Mr. Stathakis briefed the Executive Secretary of the Council of Europe’s Enlarged Partial Agreement on Cultural Routes (http://culture-routes.net) and Director of the Institute of Cultural Routes Mr. Stephano Dominioni, and the President of the Council of Europe Mariana Berger Marianovic for the course of the new “Cultural Route” under the name “Route of Historic Cafes” .

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