28 Sep Statement by George Grammatikakis -MEP of “Potami”- Brussels 28.09.2016

“A historic café is a memory of human routes and historic times, marking a whole city with its unique character. So it is not just nostalgia of the past. Instead, it seeks a better present. Because in these cafés, the so called historic, one could find the courtesy and respect, the high quality of coffee and food and the relaxation missing from today’s stressful and relentless routine. In this sense, the effort undertaken by one of the most beautiful cafés in Greece, “KIPOS”, in Chania, Crete, and its manager, Mr Vassilis Stathakis, is of multifaceted importance. In short, he seeks to unite the European historic cafés into a powerful association, which will bring them to the fore, highlighting, at the same time, their glorious moments in the past. The historic cafés need to stay there, untouchable by time. They are assigned the noble role of narrating moments from different nations and people’s lives, and highlighting the values of quality and aesthetics, in a Europe that seems to be tired.”

George Grammatikakis

MEP of “Potami”

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