31 Jan Statement by the Mayor of Chania Tasos Vamvoukas- Chania 31.01.2017

“The Municipality of Chania supports the action of the European Historic Cafés Association, which undoubtedly unites and safeguards communication among the Historic Cafés, contributing in this way to the dissemination of a unique cultural heritage.  A heritage associated with the dialogue and recreation, which blossom in such high-quality gathering places as the Historic Cafés.

We express our great honor and satisfaction at the fact that the establishment of the European Historic Cafés Association took place in Chania, where the Historic Café “Kipos” is located, in a building that belongs to the Municipality, since 1870, constituting for years a point of reference for all the locals and visitors.

The actions and initiatives of your Association have been put under our auspices, since the historic cafés constitute, as well, the “guardians” of the events that took place at these hospitable places.”

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