03 Jun Event: “Family & Historic Cafes”

May 15th 2016:

The event, “Family & Historic Cafes”, took place in “Kipos” cafe on May 1th, 2016 International Family Day.

Coordinator and central speaker of the conversation was Mihali Kefalogiannis (journalist), while the rest of the panel consisted of Zaharenia Simantiraki (Historical Archives of the State), Anna Dimotaki (psychologist) Antonis Thimakis (teacher and secretary of EHICA) and Nektaria Skoulaki (child psychologist)

The cafes, according to Mr Kefalogiannis, as our grandparents knew them, were meeting places for the families, discussing matters outside the everyday life.

This outing of the family, brought the family members closer together. Tady it has been replaced by television and smartphones, giving way to other forms of communication.

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