Antico Caffè Torinese was founded in Trieste in 1919 and was decorated by artist Giuliano Debelli, who also decorated the luxurious Saturnia and Vulcania ocean liners.

Indeed, this historic Cafe has since preserved a magnificently luxurious crystal chandelier!

Café is included in the Storici Locali d’Italia and has been honored with a gold plaque that confirms the historical significance of the place where the Coffee is located, as well as its furnishings and decoration.

In October 2014, Caffè Torinese was renewed by its new owners. Their vision is to keep the glamor of tradition in full, but at the same time offer their guests, besides delicious coffee, fresh sweets, meals with carefully selected ingredients and high-quality wines.

At the same time, Caffè Torinese introduced the philosophy of mixology, the art of mixing beverages based on the skillful balance of all their ingredients. Today, Caffè Torinese is a pole of attraction for Italians and visitors!

Antico Caffè Torinese
Corso Italia 2

34127 Trieste

Tel. (+39) 040 2600153

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