The Historic Cafe “Megalo Kafeneio” in Tripoli, Arcadia has been operating since 1840 and was the favorite place of the aristocracy. The regulars of the Cafe were doctors, lawyers and merchants, but also people of every social class.

At the Café items such as huge mirrors with carved frames, oval tables and sofas have been perfectly preserved. These furnishings were manufactured by the famous manufacturer, Michael Tonet (1796 – 1871) in Vienna, Austria!

The name of the Cafe also includes the word “museum”, because visitors can admire the above-mentioned objects, which have historical value, see some of the Revolutionary weapons dated back in 1821, which are in a showcase, and be informed of the Cafe history as well as the history of the city.

Many personalities of politics, arts, sports and journalism were amongst the regulars of “Megalo Kafeneio”.

“Megalo Kafeneio” hosts nowadays book presentations and musical evenings. Also, theatrical performances in collaboration with theatrical groups of the city and the Malliaropoulio Theater.


Agios Vasilios Square Tripoli, 22131

0030 2710234898

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