At the time of setting a date for the inauguration or creation of the Central Coffee we have not been able to determine it with precision, however, if we have a document that testifies to its existence since 1920 in which it was announced a performance in the same. Therefore it is a cafeteria that almost has surpassed the hundred and that we are confident to be able to arrive to fulfill at least another century more. The current plant of the Café Central is the union of three centenary cafés, the Café Suizo, which was located on the corner of the Plaza de la Constitución with Calle Santa Maria and was very small, the Café Munich that occupied the place that today Occupies our bodeguilla in the recoleta Pasaje de Chinitas and that was contemporaneous to mythical establishment to which García Lorca dedicated his poem “In the Café Chinitas” and of which have been made multitude of sung versions. The atmosphere at the Café Munich was similar to that mentioned, with a multitude of gatherings about flamenco and bullfighting. Between them was the Central Cafe which was a narrow bar with a lounge at the end. After the Spanish Civil War (1933-1936), Don Jose Prado Crespo returned to Malaga and after a period in which he worked as a taxi driver, around 1940 he started to dedicate himself to the hotel industry and started to set up several businesses. In addition to the aforementioned were also in charge of businesses such as Bar La Viña or La Viña Chica (see photo of that time napkin). It was at that time that Don José, after renting the various places several times, was able to gradually buy the three near the “Plaza de José Antonio Primo de Rivera” (now Plaza de la Constitución) and finally join them in 1954 under the name of That by then the Central Coffee was having more success. It is in these years when D. José invents the peculiar way of ordering coffee in Malaga. Many of our elders still remember when the Central Cafe closed only an hour in the morning to clean and reopen its doors. These were times of copla, of live performances, of social gatherings … times in which the history of the Central Cafe was interspersed with that of Malaga. Later came democracy and tourism, and very recently came the new Calle Larios, Picasso Museum, Carmen Thyssen Museum, cruises, … a change that meant a change in our letters, the physiognomy of the whole Historical Center, in the tastes of those who visited us, and today is a challenge to adapt to their tastes without losing our traditions.


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