Caffè dell’Ussero is a monument of the Italian culture in the fifteenth-century Palazzo Agostini on the Lungarno.

The cafè was founded on Sept. 1st, 1775 because Cosimo Agostini Venerosi della Seta would like to build a free place where any people could meet, outside the own villa of Corliano, which already had a “kaffeehaus” for important noble accademic meetings since XVII century

It is filled with memories of illustrious Italian Risorgimento patrons: Filippo Mazzei suggested here an emendament of United States of America constitution, Domenico Guerrazzi, sent down from university for proclaiming news in the café about the Carbonari revolt, Giuseppe Montanelli, a volunteer at Curtatone and Montanara, Giuseppe Giusti, who made the café famous in his “Memorie di Pisa” of 1841, Giosuè Carducci, who wrote a mock-heroic poem here. In 1839 it hosted the meetings of the first Italian Congress of Scientists.

Ussero derives from the German word “husar”, from the Hungarian word “huszár” and the latter from the Serbian-Croatian “gusar”, which on its turn changed into the Latin word “cursarius”, which derives from the Greek word “chosários”. It has been translated into the English word “highwayman”, in French and in American “scout” from which it derives the managerial word “scouting” that means “exploration”.


Lungarno Pacinotti 26

Pisa (Italy)

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