Confectioner Ferenc Schwabl started his business in 1827 at 7 Szentháromság utca, in the Buda castle, and the cosy, long-established, but not luxurious sweets shop has been functioning at the same place continuously.

The items of furniture and equipment, declared to be protected, can be regarded as the most important confectionery complex in the country. Despite the major damage to the building itself, the internal equipment miraculously survived the siege in 1849 and 1944.

Despite the stormy periods of time, long-established institutions are still able to revive at times. Fortunately this is also true of the Ruszwurm confectionery, as it is a popular place with many of us, and perhaps it was popular even with our grandmothers. We used to hear on the radio, sometimes even today, the pleasant baritone voice of the former actor Andor Ajtay singing “…it is nice to have a rendezvous in the evening at Ruszwurm”, when “… the wind settles among the trees.”

In 1999, Mátyás Szamos, the founder of the confectioner dynasty, was awarded the Small Cross Order of the Republic of Hungary. The top Hungarian state administration gave the following reasons for the award: “In appreciation of the development and the cultivation of the best traditions of the Hungarian confectionery industry, and of his successful private entrepreneurial activities.”


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