Respecting the traditions and being open to novelty.

That describes Central Café the best. We are proud of our ancestors and we know the challenges of today.

Rather than evoking the past we would like to revive the mentality that once made this place one of the intellectual centres of Budapest. And we want to achieve this with your help.

We can only provide the “scenery”, the delicate ambience, the delicious meals, the delightful desserts or refreshing drinks, the atmosphere is created by you. All of you who visit us for a cup of coffee in the morning, for a lunch at noon, for a glass of wine before going to the theater, for a light dinner after it or perhaps participate in one of our events as creative audience.

Brief introduction of our company

The Centrál Kávéház Kft (Ltd.) was founded by dr. Imre Somody in 1999 to rehouse the Central Cafe in the historical building located at the corner of Károlyi Mihály and Irányi streets.

The mission of Central is to revive the café cuisine relying on the roots of Hungarian gastronomy and meeting the expectations of the 21st century. Central’s aim is to catch up with the institutions leading in the development of Hungarian gastronomy and to take part in the renewal of restaurant culture in Budapest yet preserving it’s “Grand Café” character unique in the capital.

Our aim is make Central a modern Hungarian café without the clumsiness of the so-called Hungarian restaurants, the rigour of the gourmet restaurants and the boredom of the pastry factories


Centrál Café
1053 Budapest, Károlyi Mihály u. 9.
+36 1 266 2110
+36 30 382 33 57

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