The History of Cafe Hummel in Vienna goes back over the centuries. The first owner, Karl Hummel, took over the former Café Parzival, in 1935, and transformed it into a classic Viennese Café. He renamed the Cafe “Cafe Hummel” and there, the clientele could find and read dozens of newspapers and magazines, both local and international. In 1967, Karl’s son, Georg Hummel and his wife Elisabeth took over the administration. The second generation of owners gave a new breath to the Cafe making it a city’s reference point for both Austrian and tourists. The Historic Café Hummel maintains today the glory of the past. Christina Hummel (third generation of owners) is now in charge of this magnificent Cafe. Her vision for the future is the Café to remain a “meeting point that honors the Viennese way of life”. Historic Café Hummel offers amazing Viennese delicacies, Austrian cuisine and great coffee!


Josefstädter Str. 66, 1080 Wien

Austria, Vienne

+43 1 4055314

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