The Iruña Café in Pamplona is one of the most significant historical places in Spain. Founded in 1888 in the Plaza del Castillo, it became the first establishment in the city with electricity.
The Café continues to be an unavoidable meeting point. The place is, undoubtedly, one of the great jewels of any coffee route worth its salt, to the point that some say it plays in a different division.
The Iruña has two rooms, that of the main cafe, of larger size, and a smaller one. Its checkerboard floor, marble tables, period lamps, profusely decorated columns and large mirrors. But beyond its history and its exquisite ornamentation, if there is a figure that has marked the trajectory of Pamplona Iruña has been none other than the Nobel Prize Ernest Hemingway, who became the true emblem of the premises for decades to the point that it is almost impossible to understand the writer and the place separately. In fact, he supposedly dragged his second room to the likes of Ava Gardner, Arthur Miller or Tyrone Power, among others.
Therefore, in addition to its extensive dining room and cafe, the Iruña has a corner devoted to the Nobel Prize for Literature.
It is true that during its 129 years of existence the Iruña has undergone various reforms, for example in the billiard room, now disappeared, which was in the basement. Nevertheless, the evolution of the great coffee has always been marked as its main objective, while maintaining a scrupulous respect for its initial guidelines set at the end of the 19th century.




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