From the Palace to the Grand Lady of Lisbon


The name comes from a Palace and the sumptuousness, in Lisbon, is almost the same as Versailles. Well… Versailles, the Portuguese patisserie inaugurated in 1922, with the high ceilings and large mirrors on the walls. Indeed, its interior really does seem like one of the rooms of the French palace. Located in Avenida da República with many Art Nouveau details, it serves various kinds of tea – and you can find the peculiar black tea from Mozambique – or its veal croquettes, as an alternative to the sweets.

This is a patisserie which for many continues to be the “the grand dame” of Lisbon and it has also for a long time been a calling card for the Avenidas Novas. Still in construction, it should be mentioned, the Versailles patisserie has managed to resist rampant construction at various times and the disappearance of old shops.

It should be noted that from 2000 until now, the Versailles has expanded to other areas that go beyond customer service in its “palatial headquarters”.

In May 2003, it added a point of sale at the Instituto Superior Técnico, and in February 2007 a Self Service facility at the Curry Cabral Hospital. After many invitations, it even included the operation of a bar in the Alfredo da Costa Maternity Hospital in 2010 and most recently the bar at the São José Hospital took advantage of this luxury extension to places where access to the everyday pleasures of the Nobility are not always possible. That is to say: If you do not go to Versailles, Versailles will go to you.


Avenida da República, Nº 15 – A
Tel +351 21 354 6340

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