The history of the Cafe Stefanka begins at 1897 when the architect Alexander Feigler jr. built the semi-detached house on the corner of Pallisadenwef and Kohlmarkt in eclectic style.

The house owner was Rosa Fleischamn who made it a Cafe and later rent it to Bela Hackenberg. The Hackenberg family ran the Cafe since 1904, when they begged Her Highness, the widow of the Hungarian- Austrian successor to the throne prince Rudolph, princess Stephany, to name the Cafe after her. The Newly- emerged Cafe Stefanka (Stephania, Stefania Kavahaz) was -from the beginning- amongst the best Cafes in Bratislava.

Until today, this Historic Cafe is the place for the bohemians, artists, writers, doctors, lawyers and also workers, officers and students to meet and exchange ideas, but also a great touristic destination!

Palisády 59,
811 06 Bratislava-Staré Mesto,

+421 2 5262 0847

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