The last years of the 19th century, Gijón had become a city of reference in the commercial and industrial sectors.

Architect Mariano Marín Magallón, the most reputed at that time, build half of the block located between the streets Casimiro Velasco, Covadonga and the Paseo de Begoña, in the center of which the Dindurra Theater was inaugurated in 1899. There, was also a small place for a Cafe. That was how the Dindurra Cafe was born.

In 1931, a profound remodeling of the Dindurra Cafe was commissioned by the manager Celestino Nosti. Manuel del Busto, the most famous architect of the city, transformed the Cafe into a modern facility characterized by an avant-garde Art Deco aesthetic, with unique plaster ornamentation made by the sculptor Pepín Morán.

Decoration, furniture and guests from the bourgeoisie make the Dindurra the best Cafe in Gijón and one of the most remarkable places in Spain.

During the civil war, the German bombings destroyed the Dindurra Theater, although the Café survived the catastrophe.

Today, over 110 years from its inauguration, the Dindurra Cafe is still a unique place that blends the past and the present of the city and aims to be a reference point in the future of Gijón.


Paseo Begoña, 11, 33201 Gijón, Asturias, Spain

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