Panhellenion, one of the Historic Cafes of Mytilini, began its operation in 1916. The Cafe at that time signaled the development of the bourgeoisie of Mytilini, and was also a “witness” of political changes. “Panellinion” was also the place that intellectuals meet.

Some years ago the Cafe closed. But  the Michaelides family took over the restoration of the place  and now this amazing Cafe retains much of their past. “I wanted the Café to remind the Cafes at Smyrni: say Charis Michailides, the current owner of the place “the chandeliers are hand made as  most of the  furniture, the bar etc”. Mr. Michailides considers a moral obligation to continue the tradition that  this Historic Café has as a cultural center of the island.

In the early years of the Café’s operation, the loft was used for theatrical performances. “Panellinion” keeps up that tradition and gives writers artists, musicians etc floor to present their work thereby promoting culture.



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