The trajectory of Zurich runs parallel to the history and feeling of Barcelona. Despite the inevitable renovations, the place has resisted over the years and with almost a century and a half of history is considered one of the quintessential cafés of the city. Its interior and its terrace continue to be, over the decades, a privileged watchtower,

It was founded on June 24, 1862 as a canteen of the Train station that went up Balmes street. Two years before, Isabel II herself had placed the first stone of the Gibert building, in Plaza of Cataluña. And, as a cantina, the Zurich was nothing more than a drink kiosk, which received the name of La Catalana, and which later became a chocolate shop. Its owner who had baptized the business with the name of the city in which he was emigrated, sold in 1920 for a whole fortune (50,000 pesetas) the concession of the canteen which, over the years, would be the patriarch of the Valldeperas dynasty, that keeps it in today.

Nine years later, in 1929, and on the occasion of the International Exhibition of Barcelona, the business would be expanded.The Zurich and its assiduous ones witnessed the Spanish Civil War, without the need for the premises to close its doors.

Valldeperas Juvé, grandson of the patriarch, will be succeeded by his son, Valldeperas Ros, to whom much of the success of Zurich in the sixties is owed. In the late nineties, Valldeperas began to worry about the imminent threat of demolition. The unconditionals offered to fight in the street against the demolition of so many hours of history, a heritage of the Catalan people and not a mere real estate benefit. In spite of everything, the coffee was demolished but the new Zurich continues being one of the neuralgic centers of the Barcelona of the 21st century. The terrace of the Zurich has been and still is a special meeting point.



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