The Historic Café Santa Cruz is located in Coimbra, Portugal, in the center of the old town. The Cafe is next to a monastery dating back to 1124! According to written sources, the Café Santa Cruz was created in 1530, initially as the “church of the poor”, who went there in order not to “bother” the monks and the aristocracy in the nearby monastery.

After the Revolution in Portugal in 1822, the “church of the poor” became part of the monastery church. Thus, the smallest building that now houses the Cafe no longer had a religious character and started to function as a Cafe.

On May 8, 1923, the Historic Café Santa Cruz was officially inaugurated, having drawn the attention of the national press. Since then, the Cafe has become a meeting point for writers, journalists, people of letters and Arts, and also sports enthusiasts from União de Coimbra.

Historic Cafe Santa Cruz is a tourist destination for all of those that want to experience having a coffee in a building with such a unique history.

Cafe Santa Cruz often held cultural events, with fado music, book presentations, etc. It is known as the Cafe “of the intellectuals”.

On July 4, 2013, Café Santa Cruz was honored with Coimbra’s Gold Medal! With about 500 years of history and about 100 years of continuous activity, this is undoubtedly one of the Cafes that keeps its History intact and which history has not forgotten.

Praca 8 de Maio

3000-100 Coimbra

Tel: +351 239 833 617

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