The Café Casino of Santiago de Compostela is one of the starting points of the patrimonial heritage of Spain. Its beginnings are related to one of the most important urban transformations of the historic city. The works of the old recreational society begin in June 1866 at number 35 of the central Rúa do Vilar.This action concluded in 1873. The place was the meeting point of the bourgeoisie and aristocracy of Compostela, enjoyed a privileged perspective.


Now, more than a century later, in this new stage that the premises began in 2002 to become a public place, the customer, on the edge of the same windows, enjoy a coffee or a lively gathering.In the twenties years there were organized the best dances in Galicia and years later, the chronicles tell that the Casino had one of the first two televisions that arrived in Spain and big culture such as Castelao or Valle Inclan wrote many of your pages

Inside, the first thing that draws attention is the grandeur of the space, which with more than five meters in height, is not held by any beam and ends in a voluptuous molding and in two lamps with masonic decoration finials. The spectacular wooden plinth that covers the premises in its entirety, consists of 36 sizes and is the work of Maximino Magariños, one of the cabinet makers of the Cathedral of Compostela. In the zone of the enormous and coveted windows with the extraordinary armchairs, the decoration shows shields of provinces of Galicia, of the community and the state.The Casino has known and been able to maintain the essence of other times, but has also walked forward. Art, with continuous exhibitions, literature with the creation of a narrative prize and his live music evenings have made it become an unavoidable place.



Rúa del Villar 35 , Santiago de Compostela
t: +34 981 57 75 03

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